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ProMedX Certified Minor Healthcare Policy Lafayette LA

ProMedX™ Executive Summary 


PROMEDX is a certified minor healthcare policy that gives you protection from minor injury and illness at a reasonable cost. A PROMEDX policy assures that you, your employee, or your loved ones will receive excellent minor medical care without having to pay expensive hospital or urgent care bills.

PROMEDX™ policy also gives you access to preventative care, yearly physicals, wellness checks, medications, prescriptions, lab work, x-rays, dental care, and more.

PROMEDX is offered exclusively through MinuteMed Walk-In Clinics, which are locally owned and operated in Lafayette, Louisiana by Brad Boudreaux, MD, David Reese, NP and Mark Landry, NP. MinuteMed Walk-In Clinics currently have three convenient locations in Lafayette, with plans to expand into the Acadiana area and beyond.

  • 3619 Ambassador Caffery Parkway
  • 2912 Johnston Street
  • 626 Verot School Road, Ste. A

PROMEDX policy provides full service for a variety of non-emergency services such as, but not limited to: (see “provided services offered by PROMEDX for full list of services)

  • Minor illnesses
  • Minor injuries
  • Skin conditions
  • Wellness and Physical Exams
  • Oral medications, injections, and IV medications
  • In-house laboratory tests and blood work with interpretation
  • Discounted in-house prescription drug dispensing (allows you to leave the clinic with your prescriptions in hand)
  • Flu, tetanus, and TB vaccinations
  • Screening for breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Joint and trigger point injections
  • Discounted X-rays and out of clinic labwork
  • Dental Services *for ONLY extra $10 per month


PROMEDX™ policy is NOT comprehensive healthcare insurance and is NOT covered under the Affordable Care Act. It DOES NOT go towards your deductible if you have pre existing insurance. Any care outside of MinuteMed facilities is NOT covered by your ProMedX™ policy.

PROMEDX™ policy does not cover management of complex medical conditions such as infectious disease, cancer, insulin controlled diabetes, etc..

PROMEDX excluded services:

  • Any life or limb threatening events or emergency care that the attending provider believes should, in the best interest of the patient, be provided by another facility.
  • Hospitalizations and treatment with other doctors or providers at another facility that is not MinuteMed Walk-In Clinic.
  • Special diagnostic studies (such as ultrasounds, mammograms, etc..).
  • Physical and occupational therapy, chronic pain management, psychiatric emergency management, outpatient pharmacy, work injuries and other workers’ compensation services.


  • Those without any insurance
  • Those with major catastrophic or high deductible policies
  • Small business owners as part of an affordable medical benefits package
  • Businesses who are self-insured
  • Affordable minor coverage for PRN and part-time employees

PROMEDX is available to individuals, families, and businesses, whether or not they are currently covered by a health insurance plan.

PROMEDX by itself does not meet all insurance accreditation but works well in conjunction with catastrophic or high deductible policies.

PROMEDX offers no exclusion periods and you will not be denied a policy due to previously existing conditions.


  • Individual policy cost is a reasonable $50 per month. Monthly payments covers all minor medical services listed in “provided services” and is offered at any of the MinuteMed Walk-In Clinic locations.
  • Family policies can be obtained for $50 per individual up to a maximum of $200 for families of four or greater.
  • All visits require a $20 exam fee to be paid to the clinic at the time of the service.
  • Optional $120 per policy holder sign up fee allows policy to take effect the day of your visit with no other costs that day.
  • Individuals must sign a 6 month contract for their medical policy at a locked in rate, but can cancel at any time after that with written notification.


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Offered exclusively through

MinuteMed Walk In Clinic- Walk In Clinic Lafayette LA

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Three Locations in Lafayette:

Ambassador Caffery • Johnston St. • Verot School Rd.

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Fast, Convenient, Affordable Care is what you will find at MinuteMed Walk In Clinic & Urgent Care Facility in Lafayette, LA.  MinuteMed Walk In Clinic offers the convenience of a clinic for those minor emergencies that aren’t worth the wait in the ER but still need to be checked out by an experienced health care provider.