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  • Flu Shots Lafayette LA

    Posted on October 5, 2013 by in Blog, Heath Care News, In the Community, News

    Flu Shots in Lafayette La


    Flu Shots Lafayette LA

    Fast, Convenient , Affordable…Walk Ins Always Welcome

    Our Lafayette LA Clinics offers low cost flu shot vaccines to help keep yourself and your family healthy all flu season long!

    Even though you or your family might not have any current symptoms of the flu, don’t wait until it is too late.

    Kids bringing the flu home from school, visiting public places, and traveling can all make you susceptible to the flu virus. This means that you are out sick more, your kids miss more school and you’re at a higher risk of infections during the flu season.

    Flu Shot Lafayette LA

    MinuteMed Walk In Medical Clinic

    Your Headquarters for Flu Shots Lafayette LA

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    More Information on Flu Shots Lafayette La

    The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the United States recommends that you and your family get a flu shot each year when it becomes available in your community. Those who have a severe allergy to eggs or have had an allergic reaction to a previous flu shot should not get a shot prior to consulting with a physician. The vaccine is not approved for children younger than 6 months of age and should not be administered to anyone who is currently sick. However, once you’ve recovered from the illness, you should be vaccinated. If you have had Guillain-Barré Syndrome, tell you doctor and he or she will help you decide whether you should be vaccinated.

    The common cold and influenza are both respiratory illnesses but are uniquely caused by different viruses. Generally, flu symptoms are much more severe than those associated with a cold, such as body aches, fever, tiredness and a more intense cough. Individuals suffering from a cold virus are more likely to have chest congestion, a stuffy nose or runny eyes. Normally, a cold does not result in serious health problems where as the flu can lead to very dangerous secondary infections like pneumonia. Since the flu season begins in early fall, it is recommended to get your shot as soon the vaccine is distributed to the medical providers. But, it is never too late to be vaccinated for any given flu season.

    The best way to avoid the health risks associated with the flu is by getting vaccinated each year. Annually, about 1/5 of the population in the U.S. will suffer with a flu virus costing businesses over $75 million in missed work days. Despite vaccination recommendations from Department of Health, many people still ignore the government’s warnings and will contact this contagious respiratory illness. Unfortunately, there will be numerous deaths directly related to cases of influenza.

    NOTE: Individuals at high risk for serious flu complications, such as elderly family members, young children and those with certain health conditions, should consult with a medical professional each fall to determine the best time to get a flu shot.

    MinuteMed Walk In Medical Clinic (337) 456-3519

    Lafayette Walk In Clinic

    Your Headquarters for Flu Shots Lafayette LA

    Fast, Convenient , Affordable…Walk Ins Always Welcome

     MinuteMed Walk In Clinic- Walk In Clinic Lafayette LA

    MinuteMed Walk In Clinic- Walk In Clinic Lafayette LA

    If you’re looking for high quality, personal service you’ve come to the right place. At MinuteMed Walk-In Medical Clinic (Lafayette Walk In Clinic) & Urgent Care in Lafayette, Louisiana, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. Walk-Ins are welcome or you can go to our “Contact Us” page and give us a call to schedule an appointment!

    MinuteMed is conveniently located with three locations in Lafayette, LA – Johnston Office, Ambassador Office and Verot Office. Let us put our experience to work for you. Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees and no long wait times. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.

    Lafayette Medical Services from MinuteMed Walk in Clinic & Urgent Care Facility is designed to provide affordable and timely minor medical and primary care to individuals in our community. Our Acadiana Walk In Clinic will offer services of experienced and friendly physicians and nurse practitioners to provide patients with thorough assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of minor ailments, as well as screening, preventative medicine, and health education.

    Our services include but are not limited to:

    • Minor illnesses such as Respiratory Illnesses, Eye, Ear, and Nasal Infections, etc.
    • Minor Injuries such as Muscle Strains, Wounds, Burns, Bites, etc.
    • Skin conditions such as Lice, Rashes, Fungal Infections,
      Sunburn, etc.
    • Wellness and Physical exams
    • Laboratory Test and Blood Work Interpretation
    • Flu, Tetanus, and TB Vaccinations
    • Screening for Breast and Prostrate Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol
    • Wart, Skin Tag, and Mole removal, Abscess Drainage, and Laceration Repair
    • Joint Injections
    • Laser hair removal
    • Botox Injections – Headaches, Excessive Underarm Sweating, and Wrinkles
    • Juvederm– Lip Enhancement and Facial Filler
    • Aviation Medical Examiner – We will be performing Pilot Physical Examinations and Health Certifications
    • In Home Sleep Study Testing and Treatment
    • School Physicals
    • Urgent Care Lafayette LA

    MinuteMed Walk In Clinic Accepts All Private Insurances if not currently Enrolled we will attempt to include your insurance Company and charge you at the Insurance company rate.

    MinuteMed Walk In Clinic does not accept Medicare or Medicaid

    We Proudly Accept BE (Business Express)

     MinuteMed Walk In Clinic & Urgent Care Lafayette LA

    No Insurance? High Deductible?

    Have you heard of ProMedX?


    ProMedX is a state-certified healthcare membership policy which allows policy holders to receive minor medical care at a discounted rate.

    Who Can Sign Up For ProMedX?

    Those without any healthcare coverage. Those who only have major catastrophic or high deductible policies. Small business owners as part of a benefits package. Business owners looking for a less expensive option for minor medical care for their full-time or part-time employees. Business who are self-insured.

    What do I Get If I Join?

    Policy Holders pay only $20 per office visit. Your policy benefits include The office visit.  Treatment of your minor illness and injuries including but not limited to – allergy symptoms, coughs, flu-like symptoms, pink eye & styes, sore throat, urinary tract infection, skin conditions, cuts & lacerations, sprains & strains. Any required in-house lab work (US, UPT, rapid strep test, blood sugar, flu test, urine drug screen). Discounts on in-house prescription medications. Annual influenza vaccine (no office visit charge). Annual physicals for work or school and Much More.

    What is the Cost for ProMedX?

    Individual policies cost is a reasonable $50.00 per month per yearly contract effective the next business day. $20.00 exam fee per visit. $200.00 per month for a family of 4 or more. Optional $120.00 per member sign up fee. ($100.00 activation fee plus $20.00 exam fee. Allows policy to take effect same day and covers full price of your visit). May cancel the policy at any time after six months with written notice. You will not be denied a policy due to previously existing conditions.

    Want more information about ProMedX?


    Need more information?  You can download the ProMedX Healthcare Policy Contract or you can call Mark at (337) 280-7459 or Amanda at (337) 257-6525 or click here for the ProMedX Website.

    ProMedX Certified Minor Healthcare Policy Lafayette LA

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